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Onizuca Glass Company's carbon-dioxide (CO2) lasers first began as OEM supplies for medical-use laser scalpel devices. Their present introduction to industrial manufacturing lines is also underway and we have been able to contribute extensively towards society through the development of various laser-processing machines featuring our company's unique designs.

1. Carbon-dioxide laser OEM supplies for medical-use laser devices
Our lasers are equipped in medical-use laser devices distributed domestically in medical and dental clinics and other such venues. A total of approximately 1,400 units have now been shipped and more units are currently in production.

2. Development of industrial-level laser devices
Our company's industrial-level laser devices have been adopted by leading manufacturing plants. These devices are used for resin ablation/melting and glass ablation and are also well suited for 24-hour operation. We are confident not only in our distribution of laser oscillators but our ability to meet individual customers' needs in regard to working environment, make customized products exclusively from in-house parts and components to ensure prompt provision of appropriate services, which is highly appreciated by our customers.

3. Original devices and equipment
We sell laser applied devices and equipment exclusive to our company, such as laser resin welding devices and laser fiber-stretching devices. Also, as we design automated equipment to suit the needs of each customer, we can provide devices for specific purposes.

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