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Onizuca Glass' corporate philosophy is "contributing to society through products and technology that combine skill and workmanship with a scientific approach"

In order to realize this, our company established an in-house research laboratory three years ago with the aim to successfully combine science and craftsmanship.

The laboratory is currently conducting research activities across multiple aspects from basics to application in our quest to create a variety of new products.

On this page, we would like to introduce our "ultra-compact/power-saving X-ray tubes," which are as our latest product planned for release in the near future.

X-ray tubes are used in a wide range of X-ray imaging and detection of harmful heavy-metal types. Simply put, X-ray tubes are vacuum tubes to which high-voltage electricity is applied. The vacuum tubing includes an essential component that lights up miniature bulbs called filaments. In recent years, incandescent lights such as these miniature bulbs have been moving in the direction of being phased out completely as unsuitable for conserving energy. As you might imagine, a large amount of electricity is required to light up a filament.

In order to implement electrical power conservation in X-ray tubes, a material that can replace this filament becomes necessary. The filament is lit up so as to supply electrons to the X-ray tube. Thus, we selected a material able to supply electrons without heat application, enabling us to create an X-ray tube that is overwhelmingly efficient in electricity conservation.

We then adopted a new electron-supplying material through nanotechnology and, as indicated in the photograph, succeeded in the creation of an ultra-compact/electricity-saving X-ray tube.

This X-ray tube is capable of top-level performance even by global standards and further carries the potential to advance the X-ray application field at a rapid rate.

Even from an academic perspective, there are many truly interesting aspects of our product. We have been announcing its release at various academic societies and other institutions and look forward to releasing our new X-ray tube to the entire world.