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Company Name Onizuca Glass Co., Ltd.
Address 3-9-18 Imai, Ome-shi Tokyo, JAPAN 198-0023
Tel 81-428-31-4305
Fax 81-428-31-3392
E-mail info@onizca.co.jp
Official Website http://www.onizca.co.jp/ (only available in Japanese)
Date of Establishment January 1st, 1967
Company Representative Representative Director Yoshihiro Onizuka
Capital 20 million yen
Area of Business ・Ultra-precision glass processing
- Manufacture and sale of ultra-precision glass cells
- Manufacture and sale of high performance laboratory glass equipment
・Manufacture and sale of CO2 lasers, trial production and sale of CO2 laser applied equipment
Equipment ・Research and development of ultra-compact/electricity-saving X-ray tubes, sales also to begin shortly
・We also undertake research and development of cutting-edge technological developments in glass processing and glass-employed applied equipment.