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Manufactured glass is used extensively in areas from daily commodities to laboratory equipment and we have continued to grow at a steady pace in this field as a company focused on the processing, manufacture and sale of laboratory glassware. It was actually our consistant efforts in providing cutting-edge research and development fields with essential laboratory glass equipment that allowed us to undergo our unique evolution. As a result, we boast many exclusive technologies over our competitors.

All manufactured glass currently distributed by our company contains a certain know-how or wisdom unique to our company. The carbon dioxide lasers, X-ray tubes and of course glass cells introduced here on our website are certainly no exception to this rule.

The third photograph on the right captures a glass-processing scene where glass is being exposed to flame. We have expert craftsmen on hand to handle larger laboratory equipment as well.

As seen in the photograph, glass processing is most often performed with fire as the heat source. We do, however, also perform glass processing through harnessing electricity.

The fourth photograph on the right shows a glass cell, a container used in blood analysis, processed though harnessing electricity. It is designed for biochemical analysis of cholesterol, neutral fats and other substances, during which a mixture of blood sample and chemicals is placed in this compact container and exposed to light.

We actively seek out new challenges in processes ranging from conventional flame exposure and electrical methods as mentioned above, to machining and even semiconductor processing technologies. We constantly strengthen our expertise in order to pursue the forefront of glass processing technology.