Stabilized Vitamin C
You May be an Unknowing User of AA2GTM Products: AA2G's Surprising Use

In 1994, AA2GTM was approved in Japan as quasi drug. Since then, it has been widely adopted as an effect agent for skin lightening by major cosmetic manufacturers not only in Japan but also in Europe and the U.S.

In 1999 it acquired patents in many countries through the IPC procedure, marking the worldwide recognition of the AA2GTM vitamin C derivative with greatly increased stability.

AA2GTM was originally approved globally for use in cosmetic items, as it functions in an identical manner to pure vitamin C when applied to the skin. However, there is an upper intake level for the use of vitamin C in beauty products, meaning that only a certain amount of vitamin C can be acquired through cosmetics. To cater to needs for increased intake of the stabilized vitamin C, we invented a dietary supplement using AA2GTM: Provita C.

World's First Stabilized Vitamin C Supplement Opens Doors for Many People

In 2004, AA2GTM acquired approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a food additive. This enabled us to develop Provita C, leading us to achieve more dietary intake of vitamin C into the body. Provita C was developed as a solution to cater to physical needs for more stabilized vitamin intake.

What Differentiates Provita C from Natural Vitamin C?

Vitamin C contained in fruits and vegetables is called natural vitamin C.

Both the traditional and new stabilized vitamin C, which are chemically or chemoenzymatically synthesized, have the same chemical property and function as Natural vitamin C.

Stabilized vtamin C (AA2GTM) Natural vitamin C and synthesized vitamin C have the same chemical structure.