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ProvitaC 60 sticks
Weicom delivers Provita C from Japan to your door!

1 box contains 60 packets of Provita C
Price: US$69.9 + Overseas delivery charge + Shipping and handling fee
Take up to two packets a day!

ProvitaC 60 sticks

Purchase method

1. Click on the “Contact” button in the top right corner to access the purchase order page, then fill in the required information and click “Send”.

2. Weicom will then send you an e-mail to confirm your order.

3. Please settle all payment through PayPal. We will then arrange for your order to be delivered once your payment has been confirmed.

Please allow approximately 14 days from placement of order to receipt of items.
* We do not deliver to Post Office (P.O.) Boxes.

Overseas delivery charge:
-Within Asia: 2,700 yen
-To North America: 2,700 yen
-To Europe: 3,400 yen
-To South America, Africa and the Middle East: 4,400 yen

Shipping and handling fee: 300 yen for all international deliveries

Regarding customs clearance

Your order with Weicom for shipments to countries outside Japan may be subject to taxes, customs duties and VAT in addition to customs charges depending on the country of final destination. These charges are determined based on the price of each product and the delivery charge as specified in the invoice provided.

Our invoice will contain the following information:
-Price for each product
-Delivery charge

If the invoice does not specify information regarding the delivery charge, taxes and duties will then be determined based on the standard fee agreed upon by the local customs office and delivery service companies. The method of calculating taxes and duties may differ from country to country, so please contact your nearest customs office for more information. Taxes, duties, VAT and customs charges are the responsibility of the purchaser’s expense. The purchaser is obligated to settle these payments in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country of final destination. In some countries, private customs clearance may require you to provide a copy of personal identification documentation.

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