Stabilized Vitamin C
What's Stabilized Vitamin C in Comparison to Conventional Vitamin C?

About Stabilized Vitamin C

Human beings must ingest vitamin C from food in order to stay alive. This is because simians lost the ability to internally synthesize vitamin C in the process of the evolution of our species, while plants and many other animals can self-supply their essential vitamin C.

National nutrition surveys by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare indicate that the average Japanese person actually takes in only about half the recommended dietary intake of vitamin C through food. To fill the gap, thousands of kinds of vitamin C supplements have become available, but there are specific reasons why Provita C excels over other products.

World Renowned New Vitamin C Supplement
Provita C, an all-new supplement using AA2GTM, a derivative of vitamin C featuring high stability and long acting properties.

Vitamin C is Normally a Fragile and Quickly-Discharged Vitamin

We regularly ingest vitamin C through food (vegetables and fruits) and beverages. However, vitamin C is actually vulnerable to heat, light, air and water and easily excreted from the body.

These are the reasons that vitamin C has not been providing as effective a dietary benefit as expected, despite its positive reputation. Then an academic group made a breakthrough with the discovery and development of AA2GTM (stabilized vitamin C) that is used in this Weicom product. AA2GTM is a derivative of vitamin C that has glucose bound to the hydroxyl group of the second carbon (C2). The glucose protects vitamin C from oxygen, thereby making AA2GTM much more stable than conventional vitamin C under exposure to heat, oxygen, light, water, and heavy metals.

The U.S. and many other countries recognized the advantages of AA2GTM, allowing it to acquire international patents. (AA2GTM is a specific derivative of vitamin C that has an additional glucose bound to the normally fragile and unstable vitamin C. It is characterized as highly stable under exposure to heat, light, air and water. AA2GTM stands for ascorbic acid 2-glucoside.)
Through the activity of enzymes in the body, AA2GTM releases glucose and active vitamin C, allowing the two nutrients to act individually to provide the full benefit of vitamin C.