Stabilized Vitamin C
New Vitamin C Supplement Solves Problems of Traditional Vitamin C and Retains all the Benefit

Despite awareness that vitamin C is vital to the body and skin, the real benefit of vitamin C cannot be gained if it is always partly eliminated from the body. There is a huge selection of existing vitamin C supplements, but the supplement that provides the greatest effect in the fewest amount of uses is vitamin C with increased stability.

Because it is stable in oxygen, freshness limit is 3 years without food additives.

AA2GTM could be called a revolution in vitamin C. The extreme stability of AA2GTM under exposure to high temperature, light, and oxygen present an advantage over conventional products, making it possible to apply AA2GTM with ease to any type of production process, including heat treatment, without worry over degradation. In the body, it can be gradually converted into vitamin C and glucose through the activity of enzymes, offering the full benefit of vitamin C over a sustained period of time, without partial waste of vitamin C as in conventional products.

Note: A graph below explains how AA2GTM differs from conventional
vitamin C products in terms of the level of vitamin C maintained in the blood.

The line graph in brown shows how conventional vitamin C products increase the level of vitamin C in blood sharply after intake, and decrease in approximately one hour. The line graph in orange shows how AA2GTM maintains vitamin C in the blood high enough to meet the body's need continuously for approximately 12 hours.

This particular type of increased-stability vitamin C derivative was discovered and developed in Japan.

Back in 1989, Itaru Yamamoto (at the time Professor of Okayama University's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, currently Professor emeritus) and his research group invented an extremely stable vitamin C derivative in a water solution. The derivative had L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside chemical construction, thus the name AA2GTM.