How to Take Provita C

Provita C tastes great without drinking water, but can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

    (1)Without Water:
  • Before meetings,
  • Between housework
  • When working late
  • After sports activities
  • Before going to bed
  • After bedtime snacks
(2) With Beverage
Add Provita C to your usual beverage to make it your own refreshing vitamin C drink.
(3) With Yogurt
Provita C adds a refreshing flavor to Yogurt. Yogurt makes it easier for infants and small children to take Provita C, who otherwise may have difficulties taking the supplement in powder form.
Suitable Scenes

Single-dose package and the ability to enjoy Provita C without water make it an ideal companion anywhere you go.

(1) At the Office
Always keep some Provita C in your desk drawers so that you can take one when you are not feeling well or may be catching a cold.
(2) On Business Trips
Business trips can lead to irregular meals. Just pop Provita C powder into your mouth whenever you have time, for handy nutritional support.
(3) At Outside Location
Do you end up skipping meals when you have several business appointments jammed into a day? Provita C fits perfectly in your bag to accompany you.