Heat-resistant paper container (for cooking) Oven-Cooker
Super durability! Strong and safe paper containers
This paper container is made of pressed white paper with laminated PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film.
Can be used with a variety of foods such as baked fish with sauce, gratin, steamed bread, baked confectioneries, and other popular menus.
Heat-resistant paper container (for cooking) Oven-Cooker
Unlike conventional cups, our paper containers are strong and pliable.
The cup does not lose its shape easily and retains an ideal shape under heat.
Excellent heat-resistance (200 degrees for 20 minutes) and mold-release.
It can be widely used for various dishes, including those cooked in an oven or steamer.
Sauce doesn't get seared to the plate.
There is no need to waste time and effort in washing, and money is saved on water supply.
Many choices in shapes and sizes. (13 types in all)
Various menus and quantities are available.
A large variety of individual styles can be cooked easily.
The container is made of paper
The safe container means there is no worry over cut lips or injured fingers, as there is with aluminum cups. No harmful gas is emitted when burned, and cleanup is simple.

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Round Oval Round with Rim Tulip