Corporate Philosophy
Ikeya Intercommerce, Inc. continues to challenge itself with the creation of unique and high-performance containers and packaging that make full use of leading-edge paper-based technology.

Corporate Profile
Company name Ikeya Intercommerce Inc.
Head Office Location Gohongi Dai-2 Building 1st Floor,
1-33-2, Gohongi, Meguro-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 153-0053
Representative Hirohito Iketani
Established September 10, 1982
Capital 10 million yen
Telephone number 03-3760-7781(representative)
Fax number 03-3760-7782
E-mail address
Business activity Manufacture and sale of containers and packing

1977 Goodwin Trade founded by Hirohito Iketani.
1979 Started exporting daily necessities, household goods, etc. to Hong Kong.
1982 Established company under the name of Ikeya Intercommerce Inc., Hirohito Iketani appointed to representative director and president of the company.
1984 Established overseas (U.S.) contact office to enhance import and export of U.S. goods.
1986 Started manufacture of cookware brand "étre."
1988 Closed overseas contact office. Shifted focus to manufacture of original brand-name goods, as well as enhancing and expanding business.
1993 Increased capital to 10 million yen.
1996 Commenced manufacture and sale of heat-resistant paper containers for cooking.
2004 Commenced manufacture and sale of microwave-safe cookware.
2007 Annual sales for heat-resistant paper containers exceeded 15 million.