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Green Bamboo/Cool Bamboo Series
Our Bamboo Series features glassware in various enchanting forms that all focus on bamboo as a motif for the design. Bamboo exhibits both a distinguished character and charm that earn it a high place even among other Japanese nature motifs.

With its natural, dark-green tones, our Green Bamboo Series conveys the invigorating life force of bamboo that enables it to grow so straight and tall. In contrast, our Cool Bamboo Series represents a refreshing coolness as if fashioned from ice.

The picturesque stance of the glassware as an ornamental feature is also ideal for enhancing quality space.
Chirori Series
According to Kojien, one of Japan's most trusted dictionaries, the word chirori originally referred to pots and containers made from brass or copper which were used for warming saké in old Japan.

Our Chirori Series features contemporary glassware with each item painstakingly handcrafted by our glass artisans. As heat-resistant glass is used, it is not only ideal for enjoying saké but for hot tea as well. We are convinced that whatever the contents of your glass, it will taste all the more refined when savored from one of our beautiful glassware products.