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Product Information 2
Arare Series
Among the art collections introduced from abroad during the late Edo period (1603-1867), glassware featuring striking ghailstone patternsh known to Japanese as arare-monyo could often be seen. These are beautiful glass designs featuring large and small hailstone-shaped beads on the glass surface, arranged in neat rows.

The arare designs have long since become a feature of not only glassware but other traditional Japanese crafts as well, such as woven fabrics and ironware.
We highly recommend this particular variety of glassware, with its striking beauty enriched further still by the opaline, hailstone designs.
Tokusa Series
Tokusa-monyo is a well-known traditional pattern in Japan in which the tokusa or scouringrush horsetail (Equisetum hyemale L.), found throughout the country, is used as a motif for the design. As also used in ceramic works, these tokusa patterns correspond to the familiar striped patterns known to people all over the world.

By embracing the aburidashi technique used to create the opalescent patterns mentioned above, we tried to portray the tokusa-monyo motif in a suitably exquisite fashion in our glassware designs.