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Taisho Roman Glass Series
The aburidashi technique, which involves the shaping of glass in a patterned mold to create opalescent-colored designs in the glass surface, is a classic, old-world glass-making technique that enjoyed widespread popularity in Japan during the Meiji (1868-1912) and Taisho (1912-1926) periods, hence the name—Taisho Roman (ticism). Nowadays, it is rare to find glassware made using this technique, with the exception of select antique glassware shops.

By including a certain type of raw material known as "bone ash" to mix in with other required elements, opalescent colors can then be produced by taking advantage of its specific properties through exposure to a temperature gap caused by a process of rapidly heating and cooling the glass at the time of molding. In this way, the aburidashi technique is able to introduce a variety of artistic patterns into the glass. This is a reason why it remains one of Japan’s unique, traditional handcrafting techniques.

Uruoshi Series
We have selected lacquer stoppers for use with our graceful, glass-made water flasks because lacquer has been believed since ancient times to possess "special powers" including anti-fungal and insect repellent properties while not actually affecting the contents of the flask.

An element of artistry has also been incorporated into our Uruoshi Series (uruoshi meaning "to enrich something") —the refreshing feeling that only a glass vessel could enhance when drinking mineral water and such is "enriched" all the more so by the delicate, crystal-clear make of this series and the beautiful contours of each flask. Such an elegant item as this is also ideal for serving fancy wines and liqueurs.