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LE POUSSE-POUSSE is a baby carriage that fulfills the wishes of fathers and mothers
When selecting a baby carriage, the priorities should be safety, health, and comfort for your baby. People place their precious infant in a baby carriage, and yet we fear that many people become overly focused on features such as folding frames, losing sight of what is truly important. LE POUSSE-POUSSE, created by Tokyo Babycar, is a stylish baby carriage featuring a rattan basket. Spacious sleeping room and smooth movement keep your baby comfortable and happy. LE POUSSE-POUSSE even has enough room for twins. We believe that comfort is the true measure of convenience. With the convenience of indoor use and comfort that allows babies to sleep soundly, we guarantee babies as well as mothers will be delighted by LE POUSSE-POUSSE. Giving thought to babies’ safety and health, we have come to the conclusion that “natural is best.”