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Product Information 2
Purpose-Built Regrinding Machine for Throw-Away Bites (patent pending)
1. Background of Invention

With ISO accreditation now essential for boosting corporate awareness of the environment and waste as well as the corporate image projected towards customers, discarding or dead stocking used “throw-away bites” indispensable for use with NC machine tools (NC lathes/milling cutters, machining centers, etc) was something controversial for manufacturers. However, these once expendable bites can now be reused to avoid frequent disposal, using our purpose-built regrinding machines, now available on the market also suitable for use with new nose radii and coating exfoliation.

Companies now have an enormous amount of worn throw-away bites, which they have used over periods ranging from several years to several decades. Despite this trend, it has remained the norm until now for these companies to continue to purchase throw-away bites from large bites manufacturers which is where we have found new demand in a niche market.

2. Slogan: Don’t throw them away—your throw-away bites reborn!

3. Technical Information (Features)

(1) Nose radii and peripheral blades can be restored to original factory configurations
(2) Nose radius can be regrinded to form unique or customized configurations
(3) Removes built-up edges
(4) Changes to regrinding bit configurations are possible by replacing of regrinding head
(5) Movable “desktop” style allowing for choice of regrinding site

4. Suitable Industries

Process manufacturers or manufacturing plants working with multiple or many NC machine tools