"DigiCata", Sale of Catalog/Photo Album at a Bargain Price
About DigiCata

There are many digital catalog production companies. However, if you are thinking about having these companies create your digital catalog, you may want to consider the following points:
* It would be costly―tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yen...
* You would not be able to forsee just how effective it would be, if at all, and be hesitant to spend...
* Even minor changes to the images would cost you time and money...
* You might then have a brochure printed on paper but still not be able to create a digital version for your website...

"DigiCata" resolves all these problems.

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Bargain price of only $20.00 per catalog!
All for a price of only $20.00!
There are no additional costs or charges whatsoever upon your purchase of our product right through to the completion of your download.
You can create a total of up to 10 pages and there are no additional charges for further editions to your catalog. Since our product is equipped with a full range of basic functions, you can rest assured knowing you will never have to pay for any additional features.

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No initial costs or maintenance fees necessary!
Simply register as a new customer (free) to reap the benefits. There are no hidden initial costs. You can easily create your digital catalog in any environment with Internet access and Flash Player compatibility, without having to install any special software.

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Simple and fast!
No more bothersome meetings!

Once you have created your digital catalog on the Internet, all you then have to do is download it. If the images are prepared beforehand, you should receive your completed catalog within a short while.

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Full command over editing and design!
Just by preparing the images needed for catalog creation, you will also be able to easily create a digital catalog.
You can make changes to details in your catalog as many times as you see fit free of charge before you commence downloading. Spend as much time in editing as you please.

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Three catalog types available to choose from!
Catalog types:
  • Book type Basic
  • Book type Spread
  • Slide type

You can select a type from one of the three options above. As each type has different characteristics, you can choose the type that best suits your taste.

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Full range of catalog operational functions!
A variety of functions essential to the creation of digital catalogs and for which most other companies charge, including automatic page display, memo and pen functions, table of contents display and page processing and scaling functions can be enjoyed as basic functions at no extra cost.
In addition, external link settings are also featured in the standard functions! It costs only $20.00, no matter how many external links are implanted (i.e., embedded) into the digital catalog.

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