Contributing to business expansion in various fields
The Marks has been actively working in new fields and has made proposals for advanced systems to lead the next generation.
We provide various services in a wide range of business areas from planning, analysis and consultation services for formulating information strategies, which are considered the biggest business challenge for companies, to the design, development and maintenance of various computer systems while flexibly meeting the needs of the each customer.
In recent years, we have been working on building main systems for companies in diverse fields,
including those in the financial sector, and various networks and other information and communication systems. We have also been making an active effort in the establishment of new businesses, including online services, in order to expand on various business opportunities.
We have earned a sterling reputation through numerous outstanding achievements.
We have been involved in many developments, choosing to focus on projects related to programming languages and application systems, including system development for various computers and network infrastructures, programming language development as a tool for system development and development of database systems to support application systems.
We are especially highly regarded for our work in system and web-related development for financial operations as well as enterprise resource planning.