DigiCata, Digital Catalog Creation
1. Go to the "Digital catalog making & design tool" page.
1-1. Appoint a name for the catalog to be created and choose from either "Book type" or "Slide type."
Characters that can be used for file names are alphanumeric characters, [-] (hyphen) and [_] (underscore).
If Japanese characters, or symbols other than the hyphen and underscore are used, your file name may not display correctly.

1-2. Click [Digital catalog making]. The [Page Image Upload] page will open.

2. Page Image Upload
2-1. Click [Reference] for page upload, select images to upload and click [Open].
Files will then be uploaded automatically.
Once the upload is complete, thumbnails of the pages will be displayed.

* It may takes some time to upload the images.

2-2. If you select "Book type", "Spread book type" will also be available.
If you wish to created a spread-book type catalog, place a tick next to [Make the catalog of the spread].

3. Design changes
Click the "Change of the design" button on the [Page Image Upload] page.

3-1. Change button colors
Select the button for the color you wish to change.

3-2. Upload/deletion of logos at the header or footer
Click [Reference] to choose files that you wish to upload.
To delete logos at the header or footer, place a tick in the appropriate checkbox.

3-3. Change colors
Place a tick in the checkbox of the part that you wish to change color, and then choose and click the color that you wish to use from the color palette.
After the color number is displayed, click the OK button.
Preview images will be changed into the color that you chose.
*Please note that the change is not yet saved at this point.
In addition, by entering a color number in hexadecimal digits, you can select colors that are not yet contained in the color palette.

3-4. Save your changed designs
Once you completed to change designs, click the [Save and Preview] button to save changed designs.
Confirm the changes on the preview page that will automatically open.

4. Embed links
Click the "Making of the Link" button on the [Page Image Upload] page.
4-1. Select a page
Click on the page in which you wish to embed a link.
The image of the page on which you clicked will be displayed at the bottom of the page.
4-2. Select the area where the link is to be embedded
Drag the mouse over the image and appoint the area in which you wish to embed your link. The appointed area will then be displayed with a black border.
4-3. Add links
Enter the URL to which you wish to link and click [Add]. The link will then be embedded into the area you selected.

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