Corporate Introduction

Uses and Applications for Chenille Stems | Chenille Stems/Pipe Cleaners/Pipe Brushes

Our Company’s chenille stem pipe cleaners are recognized as premium products both domestically and worldwide across every industry.
For example:

1. Scientific/medical apparatus Pipe cleaners for beakers, disposable tubing, catheters, etc.; prosthetic limb parts
2. Precision/heavy machinery Pipe cleaners for oil/grease buildup in narrow pipes
3. Fishing equipment Pipe cleaners with stainless steel cores for reels
4. Other Confectionery manufacturers, toy manufacturers, school crafts, horticulture and gardening, and more

The unique benefits chenille stems have to offer are currently being realized across a diverse spectrum of fields. We hope your company, too, will take full leverage of this opportunity to include chenille stems as a premium product in new projects and ventures.