Corporate Introduction
To those working in plastics injection-molding
This be-all end-all solution for ensuring zero molding defects, effectively utilizes the suction power from a vacuum to vent gases inside the mold to outside the mold.
This technology is capable solving a range of problems, including singed resins, weld lines, transfer defects, short molds, bubbling, tarnishing of the resin surface, burring, and other molding defects.
System Resources Corp. boasts a long list of achievements spanning more than two decades of experience as a manufacturer specializing in vacuum assist injection molding systems. Throughout this time, we have consistently endeavored in accumulating various hands-on experimental research as well as cultivated professional know-how. Furthermore, in order to strengthen our company’s support system as used by clients, we ensure proposed design solutions for molding systems which run to injection molding specifications in a practical manner and offer trustworthy and dependable support.