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Chinese prices, Japanese quality
China is without a doubt of the most watched nations today.
Not only to Japan but countries around the world, China is now indispensable as a producer of industrial goods.

At our company, we have accumulated a vast pool of experience and expertise through many years of engaging in business with China.
At our company, cheap Chinese goods at Japanese quality standards are possible. We also happily provide support to businesses expanding into the Chinese market.

For those who are thinking about advancing into China in future, those who are looking for Chinese business partners, or those who would like to produce good quality products at a low cost, feel free to drop us a line. We make it our responsibility to fully leverage our company’s experience and know-how to best suit your needs.

Coordinating transfer of manufacturing and production technology; selling of plants
We have achieved remarkable success in coordinating transfers of technology for production of TV and TV-related products. We are ready to provide our customers with coordinating service to accommodate their future needs.

Toyoichi Tsusho pursues our goal of becoming “the No.1 service company.” Always valuing what our customers want and acting to improve our quality of service, we strive to establish win-win relationships with our customers. Another goal of ours is to become “a company commensurate to do global trade” by establishing corporate structure suitable to the 21st century and ensuring full equality among our employees of any nationality, gender and age. Each of our people identifies themselves as an expert in the industry and strives to “get ahead of the time.”