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Company Name Nagase Co., Ltd.
Address 3-21-3 Inadaira, Musashimurayama-shi, Tokyo 208-0023 JAPAN
Fax 81-42-560-5185
Official Website http://www.nagase-shibori.co.jp (only available in Japanese)
Date of Establishment May 1, 1968
Company Representative President and CEO Toru Nagase
Capital 120 million yen
Scope of Area of Business Metal spinning, sheet metal, metal stamping, special metals processing, design and assembly
Location Catch a bus from the North Exit of Akishima Station on the JR Ome Line to Estate Tachikawa, or, take a taxi (or half-hour walk) from Musashisunagawa Station on the Seibu Haijima Line.
Corporate Philosophy

President and CEO
Toru Nagase
Nagase Co., Ltd. was established in 1945 in Akishima City, Tokyo Prefecture.

First opening its doors for business during the supplies shortage period shortly after the war, Nagase focused mainly on the manufacturing of pots, pans, bowls and other daily commodities. Later, on becoming increasingly engaged in metal press processing, we reorganized to form (YK) Nagase Shibori Kojo (or Nagase Metal Spinning Plant Co., Ltd.) in 1968 and relocated to our current site in Musashimurayama City, Tokyo in 1980. In 1985, we expanded our facilities to include a sheet metal processing plant. And in 1998, we changed our company name to Nagase Co., Ltd., as it remains today.

Just as our original company name envisioned, Nagase Co., Ltd. has dedicated itself to the art of metal spinning (spin forming), which requires a particularly high level of expertise even within the field of metal press processing. Specifically, we have been engaged in a wide selection of components manufacturing and assembly, spanning fields as diverse as electronics and electrical components, medical equipment, vacuum devices, agricultural equipment, aerospace, communications equipment, and testing devices. The process of spin forming is a specialized technology that demands a particular amount of professional expertise. We have to this end invested our efforts in providing comprehensive training to our employees and the expansion of our facilities so as to establish and maintain a high level of quality and reliability in our products. We make all efforts to meet our clients’ every need. Rather than taking comfort in our current level standards, we have realized further improvements in quality and a flexible and quick turn-around system to meet demand through the docking of processing method and software machine technologies. From prototype manufacturing to mass production, we continue to set the standard as a comprehensive make-to-order manufacturing plant.

With the changing of the times, so too do the demands of our clients grow increasingly diverse and sophisticated. In solving the challenges that face us in keeping with such trends, it is essential to also have access to a vast pool of knowledge and even higher technical skills. With the most up-to-date specialist knowledge and unrivaled cutting-edge technology, Nagase is determined to further strive to meet the various needs of our clients and the demands of the times. In doing so, we believe that we will be making a worthy contribution to society.